The 1st edition of the Boost My Startup Challenge took place in 2021. The event was a great success, and the Challenge was won by the startup Sympheny. But the real work began the next day: understanding mutual expectations, building trust, finding common ground, and working to establish a win-win collaboration between BG Consulting Engineers and Sympheny. Today, the collaboration is developing solidly and is already taking shape in several projects.

The Boost My Startup Challenge (BMSC) is a startup competition organized by BG Consulting Engineers and UBS Growth Advisory. Through this initiative, BG intends to strengthen its open innovation ecosystem with Swiss startups to develop new products and services for its clients, in line with market and societal challenges. For its part, UBS Growth Advisory brings its network of investors and its financial expertise.

A successful first initiative

The 1st edition of the BMSC ended on October 7, 2021 and was a great success. The BMSC in numbers:

  • 25 startups registered for the competition ;
  • 6 selected startups pitched their products / services ;
  • 1 Jury composed of 6 members ;
  • 1 winning startup: Sympheny.

Since then, BG and Sympheny teams have been working on developing the collaboration in a pragmatic, project-oriented way for product development.

A fruitful and promising collaboration

Sympheny is developing a multi-fluid territorial energy planning software. This software offers the possibility of evaluating numerous combinations of energy supply technologies available on the market. BG’s expertise makes it possible to propose optimized variants to clients, both in terms of CAPEX, OPEX and CO2 emissions. Thus, with this collaboration, clients benefit from complementary competences: in-depth digital skills and advanced engineering skills, for their low-carbon real estate or territorial development projects.

Here are two examples of projects on which BG and Sympheny are currently collaborating:

  • Within the framework of the construction of a treatment and rehabilitation center, BG and Sympheny are performing the audit of the energy planning solution selected in the initial configuration. The buildings have different uses and are located in a sustainable district aiming for SEED certification. Thanks to the simulations and a detailed data analysis, the viability of technologies that had not been considered at the beginning was demonstrated. In concrete terms, the entire energy concept implemented considering different renewable resources made it possible to propose a range of solutions that were more advantageous from an environmental and economic standpoint (-30% on the life cycle cost).
  • In an industrial context, BG and Sympheny are developing solutions for a leading French company to ensure the energy optimization of its plants around the world. Within this framework, a series of measurements and on-site surveys were carried out. Following data processing, several technologies that could meet the energy needs of the project (heat pumps, heat exchangers, wood-fired boilers etc.) were selected and evaluated. By integrating the measured data and creating the numerical model of technologies specific to the industrial site, it was possible to define and design an innovative and efficient energy concept allowing the minimization of both the operating costs and the greenhouse gas emissions.

Boost My Startup Challenge 2022

The collaboration between BG and Sympheny, which has already been carried out on two projects, has proven its added value to clients who have opted for our solution. It will continue in the coming months on new projects at a territorial scale. The results of the 1st edition of the Boost my Startup Challenge are therefore very positive.

BG and UBS Growth Advisory are organizing a 2nd edition of the BMSC which will be open for registration starting August 29, 2022! Until then, follow the news of the Challenge by subscribing to our newsletter!