The 1st edition of the Boost My Startup Challenge in 2021 was a great success with over 30 registered startups and 40 entrepreneurs and investors participating at the presentation of the finalists.

Boost My Startup Challenge is a startup competition organized by BG Consulting Engineers and UBS Growth Advisory. Through this initiative, BG intends to strengthen its open innovation ecosystem with Swiss startups to develop new products and services for its clients, in line with market and societal challenges. UBS Growth Advisory on the other side contributes its investor network and financial expertise.

After the pre-selection of the 6 finalists, the selected startups had to pitch in front of an interdisciplinary jury and private investors or clients from UBS. It was through this event that the company Zaphiro Technologies SA got introduced to a private investor that ultimately invested in the company later on.

Paolo Romano, CEO of Zaphiro Technologies SA: “Last year, we were looking for co-investors to complete our Series-A round investment consortium. Participating to the Boost My Startup Challenge (BMSC) allowed us to pitch in front of investors and to increase the number of investor connections. We appreciated a lot the networking opportunity offered by BMSC and UBS Growth Advisory as finally one of the investors attending the event joined our Series-A fundraising round. We would highly recommend to both start-ups and entrepreneurs / investors to participate to the BMSC.”

Boost My Stratup Challenge 2022

Based on the positive feedbacks from participating companies, the example of Zaphiro Technologies SA as well as the established collaboration between BG and the winner of the 1st edition Urban Sympheny SA , we are planning to repeat this successful event by organizing a 2nd edition of the BMSC. Registration for interested startups will open August 29, 2022! Until then, follow the news of the Challenge by subscribing to our newsletter.

Philippe Schlegel,
UBS Growth Advisory, for the Boost My Startup Challenge